1969 Camaro 565ci

Project Description

Spec car that S&S built to show exactly what their custom extreme builds were like. This way someone could come in and touch, smell and drive. That’s what a car is all about, the ability to be tangible and know the experience you will have when you decide to buy. This car ultimately was sold and exported to Europe.

Project Details

Client: Mike Alstott
Date: 2008
Skills: Full design and build
Specs: 1969 Camaro 565ci / 748 hp / 705 ft lb torque

Custom Engine

We had to power this car with the same raw power that Mike Alstott ran with. You didn’t want to be in his way on the field and this baby had to feel the same going down the road. That’s why we dropped a 565 in pushing 675 horses and 625 foot pounds of torque! This isn’t animal is a force to be reckoned with and we feel with did Mike proud.

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Personalized Interior

What a better way to commemorate Alstott’s football career than to use authentic Wilson football leather as the inlays to the interior. Power and finesse is the name of the game here at S&S Motorworks. These full design and custom build classics are comfortable to drive and will make you grin from ear to ear when you mash on the gas.

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