Exported Camaro

Project Description

Spec car that S&S built to show exactly what their custom extreme builds were like. This way someone could come in and touch, smell and drive. That’s what a car is all about, the ability to be tangible and know the experience you will have when you decide to buy. This car ultimately was sold and exported to Europe.

Project Details

Client: Spec Car
Date: 2007
Skills: Full design and build
Specs: 1969 Camaro 565ci dual quad / 745 hp / 700 ft lb torque

Custom Engine

This 565 cubic inch beast with a dual quad carb setup cranked out the horsepower and almost equal torque. This car can flat out scoot. The power-plant that we put in this car was one of our options for our custom build spec cars.

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Personalized Interior

Full leather interior complimented with microsuede full racing seats and 5 point harnesses. Custom leather wrapped console with touches of carbon fiber throughout. Great sound system, but to be honest most people don’t even use it when the cars sound this good.

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